UWF Hazing Policy

The University of West Florida does not condone any form of hazing, and students involved in hazing incidents are subject to disciplinary sanctions

Hazing includes any act which inflicts extreme physical, emotional, or psychological pressure or injury on an individual which demeans, degrades, or disgraces an individual. Though most commonly associated with fraternities and sororities, hazing can occur in any student organization. Florida is one of 44 states with anti-hazing legislation. In the state of Florida, individuals committing acts of hazing can be subject to both criminal and civil prosecution. In 2005, hazing was made a felony in Florida. Additionally, an individual or organization participating in hazing or knowingly permitting hazing forfeits entitlements to public funds, scholarships, awards, and grants.

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Hazing Prevention Information (UWF Fraternity & Sorority Life)