UWF Academic Misconduct Code

As Argonauts, we act with integrity. We do not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do.

The University of West Florida is dedicated to the highest principles and standards of academic integrity. An academic violation by a student can negatively impact a class, program and/or college in ways that are unique to each discipline. Therefore, the University believes that the severity of an academic infraction is best evaluated by the faculty of the institution. The University seeks to offer students an opportunity to respond to allegations of academic misconduct before a decision is rendered. This regulation seeks to provide faculty and students with a fair process for addressing allegations of academic misconduct.

Academic integrity is closely related to professional ethics and requires that students honestly acknowledge their useof the ideas, words, and written work produced by any other individual, institution or source. Failure to properly acknowledge the use of another's intellectual output constitutes a form of academic misconduct.

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Academic Misconduct Code

Below you will find links to the process flow chart and academic misconduct procedure form instructions, and the academic misconduct procedure forms.

Academic Misconduct Process

Academic Misconduct Instructions

Academic Misconduct Procedure Form A

Academic Misconduct Procedure Form B

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