Dining on Campus and Special Amenities

Learn where to eat and relax on campus!

students dine at the bistro blue food truck

Dining on Campus

UWF Dining Services uses fresh seasonally available ingredients UWF offers an abundance of locations across campus to dine, students can select from more than a dozen UWF Dining Services venues.  Various healthy meal options are available to students as well that include options such as: meat entrees, vegetarian options, hot and cold sandwiches/wraps, soups, salads, sushi, smoothies, ice cream, coffee and deserts.

Special Amenities for Commuters

Although there is not a particular space on campus dedicatied to commuter students, we have outlined a list of departments that offer special amenities that commuter students can take advantage of.  If you need a place to relax, study, hang out between classes, or just heat up a meal from home there are various locations across campus that can fulfill your needs.  Check out the locations listed below that offer comfortable seating areas, vending machines and community microwaves:

The Great Good Place: Building 32, 2nd Floor (Pace Library)

Biology: Building 58

Anthropology: Bldg. 13

Air Force and Army ROTC*

Clinical Laboratory Sciences: Building 58

Economics: Building 53*

Engineering Technology: Building 70* 

Environmental Science: Building 13 (3rd floor)

History: Building 50

* It would be a good standard practice to ask permission before utilizing space inside of professional office spaces and buildings outside of the main offices of each College. Also note that the Air Force and Army ROTC space is for program participants only.