Meet the members of the campus community who support your work with students

September 1, 2015

It takes a village to raise a child.
African Proverb

It takes a university to educate a student.

Faculty life is often described as isolating work. Faculty often work on their research and scholarship alone. When we teach, we walk into our classroom and close the door; we are alone with our students. In some departments, we might be the only faculty member with expertise to teach a specific course.

However, you are not as isolated as you might feel. The entire university community works together to contribute to the education of the students who attend your classes and graduate from UWF. One way that faculty at UWF work together to educate students is described in the structure of the curriculum. The General Education curriculum and individual majors are comprised of courses taught by many different individuals. No one course develops all of the learning outcomes in a major. The collection of required courses function together to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities we associate with an undergraduate or graduate degree.

A less visible contribution to the collective enterprise of educating students at UWF consists of the day-to-day services provided by offices across campus. The list is long and varied. Their role becomes more visible when faculty contact an office to ask a question or refer a student for help. These offices provide a variety of services for students and faculty. Who should you contact for help?

CUTLA invites all faculty to meet and learn more about the work of the various support units on campus that contribute to the collective work of higher education at UWF. The Resource Fair has been a feature of new faculty orientation since 2006. This year, a campus-wide Resource Fair will occur during the afternoon of September 15 in the University Commons Auditorium.

If you have not been to a Resource Fair recently, come by and put names and faces together and learn about the many offices on campus that are here to help us help our students in their academic and personal journeys at UWF. 

Campus Resource Fair
September 15, 2015
2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
University Commons Auditorium


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