Encourage students to make wise academic choices through effective advising

February 18, 2014

Students seek academic advising from many individuals across the UWF campus. Faculty members should be knowledgeable about degree requirements for programs in their disciplines and be prepared to advise and mentor students on professional and career choices related to the discipline.

Although academic and professional decisions are ultimately the student’s responsibility, a faculty adviser or mentor can help students learn to plan their academic work, make practical decisions about selection of courses, and discover academic options and co-curricular activities that help them make progress toward achieving their goals. A wise adviser will help students learn to think through the consequences of their choices. An adviser who is well-informed about services available to students can refer a student to campus resources on campus that can assist students with specific issues (tutoring, health and wellness, personal issues, or career counseling and resume development). A list of helpful campus resources appears on the CUTLA web site, Where to Send Students for Help.

On a practical side, the State of Florida is now directing increased attention to students who require many years to complete a degree and who graduate with excess hours and has developed regulations that impose an Excess Hour Surcharge on these students. Careful advising will provide students with the information they need to make wise decisions when selecting classes and creating plans to complete a degree without incurring problems associated with excess hours.

Updated: 06/24/14 tjf