Responding to Student Issues

The below resources provide faculty members help with academic integrity, student classroom behavior, international student issues, student disability concerns, and technology problems.

Faculty & Staff 911 Guides

Faculty & Staff 911 Guides provide instructions, checklists, and information concerning different situations that you may encounter as a UWF employee. There are 3 guides (Classroom Disruption, Suicide Prevention, and Responding to Sexual Assault Reports).

Faculty & Staff 911 Guide- Classroom Disruption 

Faculty & Staff 911 Guide- Suicide Prevention 

Faculty & Staff 911 Guide- Sexual Assault 


Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity Resources

Dean of Students

If you are concerned about disruptive behavior of a student in your classroom or have concerns about student issues that might interfere with a student's academic performance or physical or mental health, you can contact the Dean of Students for assistance. This page also provides an online form for identifying a student of concern, who might benefit from attention from the Dean of Students and /or the Campus Care Team.
Dean of Students
Online Incident Report

Division of Student Affairs - Faculty Resource Page

In an effort to collaborate with faculty in support of the academic mission of the University, the Division of Student Affairs has assembled resources to assist you in responding to and managing student behavior in the classroom as well as provide other useful information related to student success.
Student Affairs Faculty Resource Page

International Student Assistance

The International Student Office assists with all international students, scholars, and employees at UWF, including advising on immigration rules and regulations and transitions to life at UWF. The Intensive English Program provides instruction in English as a second Language (ESL), assistance with American culture, and assistance with improving communication in spoken English (accent reduction).
International Student Office

Intensive English Program

International Student Challenges in the Classroom (PDF)

ITS Help Desk

Contact the ITS Help Desk to report problems with malfunctioning equipment in your classroom or eLearning. The Help Desk also provides assistance with connectivity to the UWF network (including the Argo Air wireless network) and other issues related to academic technology.
ITS Help Desk

Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC)

SDRC works with students and faculty to help make UWF an accessible learning environment. The SDRC offers a variety of services to students with documented disabilities. You might be contacted by SDRC about a student in your class who has documented needs for SDRC assistance and special accommodations in your class. If you believe a student might qualify for these services (or if you have a student who requests these accommodations), you should refer your student to SDRC for evaluation and documentation of needs for accommodations. Many students are not aware that they must initiate a request for disability services (unlike the secondary school environment, where this process is often initiated by others). The SDRC site provides information about the types of services available to students with documented needs.
Student Disability Resource Center

Student Appeals Processes

The University of West Florida offers students a variety of opportunities to appeal University actions, decisions, procedures, and practices. The link below connects with the Dean of Students office and includes information on many of the University's appeal processes.
Student Appeals (Dean of Students)

Student Grade Appeals Policy

The Student Grade Appeal process provides students the opportunity to contest a grade in a course.
Student Grade Appeals Policy

Student Grievance Policy

The Student Grievance process provides students the opportunity to bring complaints to the attention of the University. The student Grievance process may only be used to grieve a University action or decision when there is no appeal process associated with that particular University action or decision. This process is deigned for student concerns for which there are not other avenues of redress.
Student Grievance Policy

Student Rights & Responsibilities

The University provides a process for addressing and adjudicating incidents of academic and non-academic student misconduct.  The following link provides various resources for understanding and addressing student behavior, rights, and responsibilities.
Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

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