Certificate and Stand-Alone Minor SLOs - Undergraduate

Student Learning Outcomes for Certificate and Minor undergraduate programs.

A stand-alone minor is a minor that can be earned in a program that does not offer an undergraduate degree with a major in that discipline (for example, a student can earn a minor in Military Science students but cannot complete a bachelor's degree with a major in Military Science). Program level student learning outcomes (SLOs) and curriculum maps for stand-alone minors must be posted on the Center for University Teaching and Learning website.

Students can also earn a minor in a discipline that also offers a major (e.g., History). Because courses used to complete these minors are a subset of courses used to complete a major, the SLOs for the minor must be a subset of the SLOs described on the Academic Learning Compact. Therefore, these minors do not post SLOs for the minor. 



  • Applied Ethics
  • Arabic Language and Culture
  • Career and Technical Education Program
  • Children's Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Database Systems
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Financial Institutions Certificate Level 1
  • Financial Institutions Certificate Level 2
  • Geographic Information Science
  • German Business Language and Culture
  • Human Resources
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Security Management 
  • Information Technology
  • Java Net-Centric Programming
  • Leadership Communication
  • Management Development
  • Marketing Technology
  • Medical Informatics
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administration
  • Public Health: Occupational Safety and Health
  • Public Health: Readiness and Response
  • Sales Management
  • Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship
  • Spanish Business Language and Culture
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Technology Systems Support
  • Web Development Technologies

Updated: 10/30/14  cma