Certificate and Non-Degree Student Learning Outcomes Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines for Writing Student Learning Outcomes for Certificate Programs and Other Non-degree Programs

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Non-degree Programs include "stand-alone" minors. A stand-alone minor is a minor that can be earned in a program that does not offer an undergraduate degree with a major in that discipline (for example, a student can earn a minor in Military Science students but cannot complete a bachelor's degree with a major in Military Science). Program level student learning outcomes (SLOs) and curriculum maps for stand-alone minors must be posted on the Center for University Teaching and Learning website.

Students can also earn a minor in a discipline that also offers a major (e.g., History). Because courses used to complete these minors are a subset of courses used to complete a major, the SLOs for the minor must be a subset of the SLOs described on the Academic Learning Compact. Therefore, these minors do not post SLOs for the minor. 


Writing Student Learning Outcomes for Certificate Programs

Handouts from Writing Student Learning Outcomes-Certificate Programs Workshop

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