Counselor Training Program

Counseling & Psychological Services strives to provide a comprehensive educational experience for all who train with us. We train pre-master’s level students who are pursuing a graduate degree in Counseling. We also provide training for post-doctoral residents and master’s level clinicians who seek supervised experience for Florida state licensure.

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Counseling & Psychological Services recognizes the value of training solid clinicians. Therefore, we dedicate much time, thought, and energy to our training program. We strive toward remaining flexible in order to maximize the growth potential of each trainee and to tailor the training experience to fit the unique needs of each individual. 

In concordance with the goal that UWF will strive to become the best Regional Comprehensive University in the United States, we at Counseling & Psychological Services remain committed to excellence. We are committed to excellence in the training we provide and we remain committed to excellence in the service we offer to the students who utilize our services.

What Services Does Counseling & Psychological Services Offer?

Counseling & Psychological Services offers a comprehensive range of services that include individual therapy, couple's therapy, group therapy, vocational assessment/counseling, consultation regarding mental health issues, clinical training for emerging counselors/psychologists, and workshops/outreach focused on mental health issues. 

What Types of Issues/Diagnoses Do Counseling & Psychological Services Clients Have?

Clients who present to Counseling & Psychological Services for treatment vary widely with respect to diagnosis. The diagnoses that we see at Counseling & Psychological Services include, but are not limited to: Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, bulimia, substance abuse disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. We see individuals who present with all types of personality disorders as well.

We also work with many clients who present with developmental issues that are often related to adjustment to a new situation. Common issues that students present include: relationship concerns, stress management, family of origin issues, and adjustment to transitions such as becoming a new student or preparation for graduation.

What Types of Therapy Groups Do You Offer?

Trainees are offered an opportunity to co-facilitate a group with a licensed psychologist. The groups that are facilitated each semester vary depending on the interest of clients who choose to sign up for a group. Therefore, the availability of training opportunities in group therapy will vary. We are always open to co-facilitating groups focused on other issues if a trainee expresses an interest in initiating a new group for the student community.

Current Therapy Groups

What Types of Outreach Opportunities Are Available To Trainees?

Outreach opportunities are vast and will depend on your interest. Opportunities include co-facilitating and eventually facilitating workshops focused on wellness, writing articles for the Counseling & Psychological Services Dr. Argo column in the student newspaper, and participation in events such as National Depression Screening Day and Eating Disorders Awareness Week. If you have a particular outreach interest we are happy to work with you to accommodate your training needs when possible.

What Is Supervision Like At Counseling & Psychological Services?

At Counseling & Psychological Services, trainees are supervised by Licensed Psychologists, Psychological Residents and Licensed Mental Health Counselors. During the practicum and internship experience, trainees work with a different supervisor each semester. Trainees meet weekly with their supervisor. We also offer a weekly case conference in which we discuss challenging cases. This experience can be very enriching since it involves getting input on cases from staff and trainees who have diversity in their theoretical approach to counseling. In addition to case conference, we provide a weekly Professional Issues Seminar in which we discuss topics of interest in counseling. Past topics include self-harm/cutting behavior, ADHD, and involuntary commitment under the Baker Act.

What Types of Jobs Do Counseling & Psychological Services Trainees Tend To Obtain After Graduating?

The career path that our pre-master’s trainees take after graduation varies based on their evolving interests. We have had several trainees continue at Counseling & Psychological Services or Wellness Services as paid employees. Alumni of our training program have also secured employment at the following agencies: Meridian Center with Lakeview, Binghamton University Student Life Program, Rape Crisis Center, Children's Home Society, Community Drug and Alcohol Council, and UWF Career Development & Community Engagement (as Assistant Director). Our trainees have also gone on to work for an eating disorder clinic, an agency that specializes in the treatment of borderline personality disorder, and at an adolescent treatment center. Several trainees have also been accepted to doctoral programs within the field of psychology.