Career Counseling

There are several offices on campus that can address your questions about choosing a major or career. These offices include: Counseling & Psychological Services, Career Development & Community Engagement, and the Advising Center. You may choose to begin your search at any location. All three offices strive to work collaboratively to ensure that students get what they need from the complimentary services offered through each department.

Generic person on a road with multiple paths.

Counseling & Psychological Services may be a helpful option to select first if you are concerned that your struggle to select a major or career involves factors such as: family pressure, self-doubt, anxiety, sadness, or feeling like you really do not know yourself or your interests very well. Clinicians can help you to address barriers that may be interfering with your ability to be successful in selecting a major or career that fits with who you are.

If you are interested in participating in career counseling with Counseling & Psychological Services, call or come by our office to schedule a career counseling appointment. During your first career counseling appointment you will be asked to complete some brief paperwork in order to help your counselor know you and to understand your concerns. You will then meet with a counselor and discuss your career concerns. Your counselor will explore with you how your unique personhood, history and social context inter-relate in your pursuit of career goals. When appropriate you may have the opportunity to complete assessments such as the Strong Interest Inventory or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

Career Development & Community Engagement may be a helpful option to select first if your questions about choosing a major or career involve a need for more specific information about your career options. This office will also help with the career exploration process such as: job searching skills, interviewing tips, resume writing, and identifying experiential learning opportunities such as: cooperative education, internship, field study, service learning and volunteerism.

The Advising Center may be a helpful option to select first if you have specific questions about majors offered at UWF and the specific courses required in each major.