How Vulnerable Are You to Stress?

Click the link below to take a test and see how vulnerable you are to stress. Then, try these relaxation techniques.

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Relaxation Techniques

Breathing: Abdominal (Diaphragmatic) Breathing - Put one hand on your chest and the other hand on your navel ("belly button"). Now, inhale so that only the hand on your navel moves-as you breathe in the hand moves out and moves in as you exhale. The upper hand on your chest does not move. Take long, slow breaths. When you exhale, imagine all of your stress is leaving your body in the breath. Inhale and exhale like this 10 times.

Muscle Tension: Tense-Release - Tense yourself all over, one body part at a time. Pull your toes up as if to touch your shins and hold it. Tense your thigh muscles... your buttocks... tense your fists and your arms... tense your abdominal muscles and chest, tense your back and shoulder blades. Clench your jaws and close your eyelids tight. Hold yourself tense all over for four or five seconds... Then let go all at once. Don't ease off, let go. And feel the tension leave each body part. Pay attention to what it feels like to have your muscles relaxed. Focus on each muscle.