Everyone has experienced feelings of depression at one time or another. These feelings commonly follow loss or disappointment and they usually pass in a few hours or days. When depressive feelings, however, persist and interfere with one's health and social well-being, intervention or professional help may be helpful.

Photo of a depressed girl

Strategies for Addressing Depression

  • Gain insight from the causes of your depression and gain power over how you handle the stress.
  • Be aware of the cause of your depression and try to be optimistic about the future.
  • Try to be aware of your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ideas.
  • Focus on your positive experiences.
  • Make a weekly list of your positive accomplishments.
  • Get socially active.
  • Make a weekly schedule of your daily activities and do not forget to include social activities.
  • Find a hobby or two.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Use self-relaxation techniques whenever you feel tense. For example, slowly breathe in and out for several minutes until your whole body feels relaxed.
  • Do some volunteer work to keep you active.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Learn to accept that everyone has different abilities and focus on your unique characteristics and positive accomplishments.
  • Be assertive when you are expressing anger.
  • Try to know and develop your strengths.

Get professional help if symptoms of depression persist.