Scheduling an Appointment

Students who are interested in scheduling an appointment can call Counseling & Psychological Services at (850) 474-2420 or visit the Center in Building 960, Suite 200A, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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If you are interested in attending counseling in Fort Walton Beach at the Emerald Coast campus, follow the same instructions and inform us that you want an appointment at the UWF Emerald Coast campus.

If you are a student and need to talk with someone immediately while the Center is closed, you may reach us by contacting the UWF switchboard at 474-2000 and inform the operator that you need to speak with someone from Counseling & Psychological Services.

Please note that we do not schedule, reschedule, cancel appointments, or communicate regarding counseling records via e-mail because e-mail is not confidential in the state of Florida. Please call us at (850) 474-2420 to schedule, cancel, or reschedule an appointment, or for other queries regarding counseling.

While You Are Waiting For An Appointment

The wait time for a counseling appointment at Counseling & Psychological Services will vary throughout the year, depending on how many students are requesting our services at that time. The following is information to help you while you wait.

Getting Services

  • If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, visit our Emergency Services web page for emergency services options available in the area.
  • If you have seen a counselor for an initial assessment and are on the waitlist for ongoing counseling we will call you when an appointment becomes available. We do not want our open appointment times to go unfilled since we may have many people waiting for services. It is important, therefore, that you call us back right away. If we do not hear back from you quickly, that appointment time may be offered to the next person on the waitlist. If you can’t call us back quickly, call us when you can in order to let us know that you are still interested in receiving services from us. If we call you three times and do not reach you or get a return call from you we will assume you no longer have interest in remaining on the waitlist. If your symptoms worsen while you are on the waitlist please call us at (850) 474-2420. Once you are off the waitlist and have an assigned appointment time and counselor, that will be your regular appointment time. You and your therapist will work together to determine how many appointments you will need.
  • If you would like referrals to counselors in the community, call our office and we are happy to provide you with referral information.
  • If you have completed an intake appointment and are on the waitlist, and it feels like you've been waiting a while, feel free to call our office and check in. That way we can make sure your contact information has not changed.

In The Meantime, Here Are Some Tips That Can Help Focus On Your Overall Wellness

If you are feeling stressed or experiencing other negative emotions, this is the time to increase your self care. It may seem counter-intuitive because when you’re busy the natural inclination is to push yourself to do more. It can seem like there is no time for self-care. However, self-care is a way to recharge your batteries. This may even help you accomplish other tasks more efficiently.

  • Exercise - Making time for exercise, even if it’s brief, can help improve your mood and reduce stress.
  • Make sleep a priority - Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your mood and on your ability to concentrate. It’s important to develop a regular sleep schedule that you can commit to. The longer you stick with this routine, the easier it will be for your body to get used to relaxing at that time and transition to sleep mode.
  • Talk it out - While your friends may not be able to advise you on how to solve the problems that are concerning you, the simple act of talking about your concerns can provide you with some emotional relief. Also, when you talk about it you may begin to find avenues of hope from within.
  • Get out - When you are feeling negative emotions, it can be easy to isolate yourself from others. This can make the feelings feel more intense. It can also make it harder to fulfill commitments that matter to you. That is why it’s important to maintain the structure of getting out and being around other people each day. Once you’re out the door, even if it’s just going to grab a cup of coffee, you’re more likely to stay with that inertia and make it to class. Even the small talk you make with others during the day can offer a little break from the negative thoughts and emotions that may be taking up a lot of space in your mind.
  • Set limits with others - Each project, job, or academic course you choose to be involved in means that you will have that much less time to devote toward other commitments. This also means you will have less time to devote toward self-care. Ask yourself whether each commitment is worth the time it is taking away from other priorities in your life. Give yourself permission to say no.

Check Out Other Resources Available To You At UWF

  • Check out our Self-Help Resources section.
  • Attend the Weekly Meditation Hour‌ offered by CAPS. Please see the left sidebar for more information on this.
  • Follow us on Facebook in order to receive weekly information about mental health topics.

Relax in the Wellness Center massage chairs. Stop by Wellness Services, located across the 2nd floor of the atrium in the UWF Student Wellness Center, building 960, in order to get information on using these chairs for free.

If there are any other resources you need from Counseling & Psychological Services, please call us at (850) 474-2420.