Participation in counseling with Counseling & Psychological Services is confidential except in cases in which we may be ethically or legally bound to disclose certain information.

Image of a folder with a lock and chain on it.

Counseling & Psychological Services will not disclose any information regarding your attendance or treatment to anyone outside of the center. While you may choose to inform a friend, family member, or University department of your participation in counseling services, we will not confirm or deny that information unless you choose to sign a release of information form requesting that we notify that person or agency. The records maintained by our center are confidential and are not part of your academic records in any way.

There are four areas in which Counseling & Psychological Services may be bound by ethics or law to disclose certain information regarding treatment. These areas include the following circumstances:

  • If abuse of a minor, the elderly, or a vulnerable adult is suspected, we are required to report this information in order to protect these individuals from harm.
  • If a counselor is concerned that you are at risk of harming yourself or someone else, your counselor will assess this.  In some cases, this information may need to be reported to an appropriate person or agency in order to protect your safety or the safety of another individual.
  • If a judge or court orders any information from your records a therapist must comply with this request.
  • If information is requested regarding your treatment under the Patriot Act, Counseling & Psychological Services will comply with this request.

If you have questions regarding confidentiality, please call Counseling & Psychological Services at (850) 474-2420 and ask to discuss your concerns/questions with a counselor.