Photo of Samantha Thien

Samantha Thien

I am currently earning my Master’s degree in psychology at UWF. As the end of my program draws near, I am excited to join the UWF CAPS team as a pre-master’s practicum/intern student. I previously received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville. Throughout my time receiving this education, I have worked with adolescents and children, as well as involved myself in the local community to help adolescent groups who are in at-risk situations. My current professional interests include psychological factors that influence physical health, as well as working with individuals who experience depression, anxiety, and stress.

I look at all new experiences as an opportunity to learn and grow as a counselor. I view each person as the expert being in their own unique experience and I focus on collaborating with students as we explore what is obstructing their path to health through a holistic view of thoughts, emotions, environmental and societal influences.