Photo of J.R. Hap Cox for 2017

J.R. Hap Cox, Ph.D.

It is my great fortune to be back at UWF and CAPS working as a licensed psychologist. In fact, seeing a counselor while a student here serendipitously led to me becoming a psychologist. I graduated, only to quickly return for B.A. and M.A. degrees in Psychology, and then went on for my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University. Along the way of my career, I have worked in public and private psychiatric hospitals, community mental health and private practices, neuropsychological and rehabilitation settings, and as psychology faculty. However, most of my time and passion has been at college counseling centers where there are extraordinary campus opportunities for people to discover what else is possible in the world and possible to create in a life worth living—as happened for me. People tend to come into therapy when despite their best efforts, they find they cannot act in the ways they want, or form the relationships they want, or create the kind of life satisfactions they want. They may encounter life situations as being painful, frightening, confusing, full of turmoil, intolerable, or even hopeless, and often see themselves as somehow insufficient.

My therapeutic emphasis is always to help people make sense of who they are and what they do in ways that increase their potential to succeed at what matters to them, resolve specific problems in living, and improve overall functioning and satisfaction. I rely upon clients to tell me about themselves and the topics that are important to them so we both can better understand, to apply outside of sessions the ideas we may come up with, and as best as able, operate from a mutual relationship of respect, trust, and candor.