Sandy Brewer - CAPS Administrative Specialist

Sandy Brewer

Administrative Specialist | Counseling & Psychological Services | (850) 474-2420

I am excited to serve as the Office Administrator at the University of West Florida’s Counseling Center.  I have worked at the University since 1988 and have held various positions on campus.  I was employed at the Child Development Center for 11 years prior to being promoted as the Office Administrator at the Counseling Center.  As Office Administrator at the Counseling Center, I find my job rewarding in a number of ways, but mostly by serving the needs of the students who seek assistance at the Center.  Assisting clients who are experiencing a crisis is always a very important aspect of my job.  

Another aspect of my job that I find gratifying is the designing and developing of the Living Well Workshop promotional flyers as well as other Outreach advertising materials.  Along with my duties as the Counseling Center’s Office Administrator, I serve on the UWF Wellness Council assisting in the advertising and production of several programs, including “Escape to the Islands” a student stress relief program held during dead week every fall semester. 

My goal at the Counseling Center is to provide a welcoming atmosphere for prospective clients as well as established clients while they seek personal or vocational counseling.