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The Property Manager works with the user departments to maintain the accuracy of the University’s property records. This includes taking an annual inventory of all capitalized assets, assisting with property transfers and disposal of assets, and coordinating other property related matters. The Property manager also serves as the Secretary to the Property Control Board which approves the disposition of property no longer useful to the University.

Property Information
The Property Manual‌ (pdf) is to be used as a guide to assist departments in managing all aspects of University Property. The Property Section of the Controller's Office is responsible for assisting departments with all property issues. All forms mentioned in this manual may be obtained from the Property Section.

Property Survey (Cannibalization, Trade-In, Sales, & Disposal) - Property that is damaged, worn out, or otherwise excess to the needs of the department may be surveyed. This process officially relieves the department of responsibility for the custody and accountability for the property.

An online Property Survey Request should be completed in RouteIT to start the survey process. Property items that are capable of containing electronic data or software must have all licensed software and institutional data securely deleted in accordance with the University's Policy on Disposal of University Hardware, Software, and Data Storage Devices. This process will be documented in the Property Survey RouteIt Request.

For questions about the form or process, call the Property Manager at (850) 474-3113.
For questions about when property is scheduled to be picked up, call (850) 474-6011.

Property Transfer (Change in Accountability, Locations, or Departmental moves on campus) – A Property Transfer Form‌ (pdf) should be completed for all items to be relocated to a different building or room, or if a department wishes to transfer an asset to another department. Submit the completed form to the Property Section in Building 20E.

Attractive Assets - "Attractive assets" will not be capitalized, but must be monitored by the Department. Methods of tracking these attractive assets are at the discretion of the Division Head, Dean or Department Head. Attractive assets will not be tracked centrally. Individual departments are responsible for oversight of "attractive assets" and data storage devices. The department will maintain a master list of attractive assets, and will have the option to expand that list to include other items if desired. There is an Attractive Assets Inventory Sample Format ‌‌(xlsx) available for each department to record their attractive assets.

Property Used Off Campus – Requests to use University property at off-campus locations must be completed prior to removing the property from the premises.

Departmental Equipment Check-out Log‌ (pdf) – To be used for periods of 1-10 days. This form should be maintained at the department.

Equipment Check-out Form‌ (pdf) - To be used for periods in excess of 10 days. This form must be completed, signed and forwarded to the Property Section prior to the property leaving campus. When the property has been returned to campus, the form should be signed by the accountable officer and a copy forwarded to the Property Section.

Missing/Stolen Property Report (pdf) – Any department that believes University property has been stolen should immediately report this to the University Police and the Property Section. A Missing/Stolen Survey Report should be completed and sent to the Property Section.

Property Capitalization Threshold Change - The threshold for the capitalization of property was changed from $1,000 to $5,000 during FY 2011/12. Property items that cost less than $5,000 were removed from the University's Property Inventory System during that fiscal year. Departments should maintain an internal inventory of Attractive Assets as outlined in the Property Manual, and may wish to include other items that cost less than $5,000. Following is a link to a listing of all items costing between $1000 and $5000 that were removed from the University's Property Inventory as a result of the change. The worksheet contains two tabs; one with the items sorted by Property Tag # and the other sorted by Org Code #.

Property items below $5000 Written off 2011-12‌ (xlsx)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the item is listed as $xxx and I know that the item is not worth that much, so why does my inventory report show that amount of money?
The cost of an item does not decrease as age increases.  The University records depreciation as a financial transaction that does not decrease the original cost of any specific item.

An item cost less than $1,000 and is not on my inventory.  It's not any good; can I just throw it in the trash?
No.  You are still responsible for the item.  In order to dispose of the item you must submit a Property Survey Request form.

I need to get rid of an old desk. It’s not worth $1.  Do I really need to complete a survey request form?
Yes, if UWF owns it, UWF wants to know that you are getting rid of it.

My laptop was stolen from my office/lab/restaurant booth!  What do I do?
For an off-campus-theft: Contact the local police.
For an on-campus theft:  Contact the University Police.
In either case you will need a copy of the police report to accompany the Missing/Stolen Report to be submitted to the Property Section.

Where do I affix the UWF barcode tag?
As stated in section II of the Property manual, “tags should be uniformly located on similar types of property and should be in an easily accessible location for scanning purposes.”  For further clarification contact the Property Section.

Oops! I affixed the wrong tag to an asset. What do I do?
Contact the Property Section immediately. The Property Coordinator will reissue a replacement tag.

The equipment I use was purchased with my grant/contract funds.  So, does the property belong to me?
No.  The equipment is the property of the University.  If the grant/contract was issued to the University, then any equipment purchased with those funds becomes the property of the University.

The equipment I use was purchased with my Seed Account.  So, does the property belong to me?
No.  The equipment is the property of the University.  Seed Accounts are University Funds and any equipment purchased with those funds becomes the property of the University.

What is “capital” equipment?
Capital equipment is equipment purchased by the University that has a unit cost of $1,000 or more and a useful life of at least one year. 

Do I have to inform the Property Section when I move capital equipment from one location to another, or transfer it from my department to another department?
Yes!  In order for us to keep the University’s fixed assets system up-to-date, we need to know when equipment changes location so we can update that information in the system.  Complete a Property Transfer Form, obtain all required signatures and forward to the Property Section.

How do I get rid of equipment that my department doesn’t want anymore?
Complete a Property Survey Request Form, obtain all required signatures and forward to the Property Section.  The Property Coordinator will initiate a TMA work order for the property to be picked up and removed.

I cannot find a piece of equipment.  What should I do?
Report it as missing, complete a Missing/Stolen Report and submit to the Property Section.  If you think the item was stolen report it to the University Police.

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