Awards & Celebrations

UWF celebrates and reinforces community engagement through a variety of formal campus-wide awards and celebrations.

Community Engagement Awards & Celebrations

In its Strategic Plan, UWF made a commitment to “expand community awareness, visibility, and support of UWF through its mutually beneficial partnerships.” To achieve this priority, UWF developed and implemented a strategic communications plan to inform the community at large about UWF’s partnership, research, and service activities, as well as to celebrate students, faculty, and staff achievements related to community engagement and service.”

UWF Awards & Celebrations, include:

  • Presidential Medals of Honor-conferred by The Honorary Awards and Recognition Committee recognizes community partners who have helped advance the education, research, and outreach mission of the University for the benefit of the region, primarily through public service and philanthropy. For more information, please visit the President’s Office Honorary Awards, Degrees & Recognitions page. 
  • UWF’s Alumni Association “Friend of the University” awards- recognizes individuals and organizations for their engagement with and contributions to UWF to enhance student access, teaching, and student learning for personal and professional success. In 2012-2013, the Association presented awards to representatives from Publix Super Markets and HomeRun Holdings in recognition of their commitment to student learning. For more information, please visit Alumni Relations’ Awards page. 
  • Distinguished Faculty Service Award places a strong emphasis on community engagement. In 2012-2013, this award went to a faculty member who has promoted engagement with the chemical profession, as well as mutually beneficial partnerships with chemical companies in the region. For more information, visit Academic Affairs’ Awards & Recognition page. 
  • Distinguished Teaching Awards and Distinguished Staff Awards is conferred by UWF’s Student Government Association and formally recognizes community engagement. The students established awards criteria that aligned with University priorities, including community engagement, and presented eight of these awards in 2012-2013. For more information, visit Academic Affairs’ Awards & Recognition page. 
  • Presidential Service Awards (established by the Corporation for National and Community Service and administered by the Points of Light Institute) recognizes students and organizations for their community engagement and public service contributions. The celebration includes prestigious awards for emerging leaders, outstanding undergraduate leaders, and outstanding graduate student leaders; that recognize student leaders and organizations; and institutional awards for student organizations that excel in their commitment to community engagement. In 2012-2013, UWF awarded five bronze awards to organizations that completed 200-499 hours of public service and three silver awards to organizations that completed 500-999 hours of public service. For more information, visit the Points of Light website.

In 2012-2013, the UWF Community Engagement Coordinating Committee (CECC) reviewed UWF’s infrastructure and processes for formal awards, recognitions, and celebrations of community engagement. The Director of the Office of Community Engagement convened a special task force and charged members with developing recommendations regarding how UWF might enhance its celebration and recognition of community engagement. The task force completed its work and presented its initial plan to the Director and the CECC in early January 2014.