UWF Office of Community Engagement (OCE)

The Office of Community Engagement (OCE), within the Division of Academic Affairs, reports to the Provost, who is responsible for addressing community engagement needs for the university.

Office Overview

The Office, working in conjunction with UWF’s Community Engagement Coordinating Committee (CECC), is designed to:

  • Focus attention on key needs and opportunities in the community;
  • Bring diverse people and interests together to stimulate innovation and partnerships;
  • Stimulate creative and well-founded approaches to community needs and enhancements;
  • Provide resources and opportunities to stimulate engaged partnerships;
  • Help people develop effective, sustainable solutions and programs that will continue beyond the incubation stage;
  • Gather institutional data related to community engagement;
  • Study the nature and function of community engagement efforts;
  • Involve new people, units, leaders and community entities each year; and
  • Enhance the UWF mission to provide students, faculty, and staff strong professional and personal networks throughout Northwest Florida.