Frequently Asked Questions concerning graduation.

How do we line up?

The general area in which you will assemble will be shown in the drawing that will be provided when caps and gowns are picked up.

How will they announce my name?

Each graduate will carry a 3 X 5 card with their name on it, a phonetic spelling, and any graduation honors for which they are eligible. The Marshal must be given a card with your name on it. That is all the Marshal has to identify you and announce you to the audience. Please don't roll the card up, make extraneous marks on it, etc., since that just makes it more difficult for the Marshal to announce you properly.  The photographers use this card as well to keep track of the photos.

If you have irretrievably lost your card, ask your college marshal for a card. He or she should have a limited supply of replacement cards.

How should the mortar board be worn?

In general, the mortar board sits level on the top of the head, so the board portion is parallel with the floor.

On which side of the mortar should the tassel be worn?

Undergraduates should wear the tassel on the right side. The President will indicate during the ceremony when the tassel should be moved to the left side.

Graduate students or above should wear the tassel on the left side.

Will I be hooded on stage?

Master's and Doctoral students (Ed.D. & Ed.S.) will be hooded on stage.

How many people can I invite to the Commencement Ceremony?

Currently, there is no limit imposed on the number of people you may invite. The commencement ceremony is held to allow you and your family and friends to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishment.

How do I know if I graduate with honors?

Undergraduate students who earn at least 40 semester hours in graded courses in residence at The University of West Florida are eligible for Honors Graduation. Grade point averages, based on your cumulative GPA (including transfer credit) required for honors are:

          3.90 : Summa Cum Laude
          3.70 : Magna Cum Laude
          3.50 : Cum Laude

See the Undergraduate Catalog for detailed information on Baccalaureate Honors.

Baccalaureate honors are printed on the diploma and transcript.

UWF does not have a graduation honors program for graduate students.

I am an honor graduate. How do I indicate this and get my honors announced?

Note that honors are only for those receiving their bachelor's degrees. Undergraduates will note their level of honors on the 3x5 card they hand to the University Marshal when they go up on the platform. Please mark the card clearly so the college marshal can announce it properly.

How should the honor cords be worn?

Students should drape the honor cords over their shoulders, with the cords hanging down each side of the gown. If you are uncertain, your college marshal should be able to help you.

I am a member of a sorority (fraternity, etc.); what exactly may be worn with the cap and gown?

In general, students may wear their sorority or fraternity "stole" which is really a wide ribbon worn around the neck with the sides hanging down each side of the gown. They may also wear cords or small ribbons awarded to them by an honorary society or group. Any other larger decoration such as what is normally thought of as a stole, shawl, etc., is inappropriate and you will be asked to remove it. See the list of Honor Societies for appropriate items.

I applied for graduation too late to order regalia. Can I still participate in the ceremony?

In order to participate in the ceremony, you must wear appropriate regalia. Anyone without regalia will not be allowed to walk in the ceremony. Contact the Campus Bookstore at (850) 474-3100; they order extras.

When will I receive my Diploma?

Diplomas are mailed six to eight weeks after grades are posted. If you do not receive yours, please contact Records & Registration for inquiries (850) 474-2244.

What if I graduate during the Summer?

Summer graduates can elect to walk in either the Spring or Fall Ceremonies. Your name will appear in the Spring Commencement program as a prospective graduate and then in the Fall program as a graduate.

How can I get a Commencement program if I was unable to attend?

If there are any available programs afterwards, you may contact Enrollment Affairs at (850) 474-3386 or email graduation@uwf.edu to obtain a copy.

Who do I contact about the pictures taken at Commencement?

Questions regarding pictures taken at the Commencement Ceremonies should be directed to the UWF Bookstore (850) 474-2150.

What is in the Bachelor/Master/Ed. Specialist packages listed on the Cap & Gown price list?

Packages include the cap/gown/tassel along with announcements.

What is an announcement cover?

The announcement cover is placed over an announcement for protection if you want to use it as a keepsake.

What is a Certificate of Appreciation and the cover?

The Certificate of Appreciation is something special you can give to the person you most appreciate for the support they gave you while you pursued your degree. The cover helps protect this certificate.

What is the “Blank Stole” used for?

The stole is a new item and is called a “stole of appreciation.” You can order this to commemorate the event or to honor someone that was helpful. This is worn during the ceremony.