Student Organizations

There are two student organizations that support the CSAA program at UWF, the Student Affairs Graduate Association (SAGA) and Chi Sigma Alpha.

Student Affairs Graduate Association

The Student Affairs Graduate Association, also known as SAGA, is the student led support function for the UWF College Student Affairs Administration program at UWF. SAGA is designed to provide opportunities for professional development through a variety of workshops developed specifically for student affairs graduate students. SAGA also strives to connect students in the program with professional staff at UWF through mentorship opportunities in which students are able to form networks beyond the areas in which they work. SAGA also hosts various social events during the school year and assists with the annual CSAA Interview Weekend.

The 2015-2016 SAGA Leadership Team: Alexis Heppler, President; Michelle Lawson, Vice President; Abigail Bradley, Program Chair

Chi Sigma Alpha

Chi Sigma Alpha is a national honor society for graduate students pursuing student affairs and was chartered at UWF in 2010. Chi Sigma Alpha recognizes excellence in academic, research, and service to the profession of student affairs. The motto of Chi Sigma Alpha is “That I may challenge and support.”  At UWF, Chi Sigma Alpha gathers throughout the semester to discuss student research and various conferences in which students have attended. The organization holds an initiation ceremony each year to welcome new initiates.

The 2015-2016 Chi Sigma Alpha Leadership Team: Abigail Bradley, President; Corelle Rogers, Vice President

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