Graduate Assistantships

A quality academic program is enhanced by the opportunity for pre-professional work experience. A number of students in the program will have the opportunity for significant and meaningful work responsibilities that will translate directly into powerful resumes.

Various student service areas of The University of West Florida offer several compensated assistantships including: the Dean of Students office, residence life facilities and programs, student union operations and management, student activities and campus programming, Greek affairs, recreation facilities and programming, orientation and other student transition programs, student development services, academic advising, and career services.

NOTE: At this time, We are in the process of updating the positions that the Student Affairs Division will have available for Fall 2014.

Career Planning (pdf) Career Services Filled
Health Education (pdf) Counseling & Wellness Services Filled
Programming Assistant (pdf) Housing & Residence Life Filled
Hall Director (pdf) Housing & Residence Life Filled
Student Rights and Responsibilities (pdf) Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities Filled
Intramural Sports (pdf) Recreation & Sports Services Filled
Aquatics (pdf) Recreation & Sports Services Filled
Facility Operations and Special Events (pdf) Recreation & Sports Services Filled
Outdoor Adventures (pdf) Recreation & Sports Services Filled
Student Transition Programs (pdf) Student Transition Programs Filled
Conference Services (pdf) University Commons & Student Involvement Filled
Operations (pdf) University Commons & Student Involvement Filled
Event Services (pdf) University Commons & Student Involvement Filled
Programming Administration (pdf) University Commons & Student Involvement Filled
Athletics Compliance (pdf) Athletics Filled
Athletic Training (descriptions currently unavailable) Athletics Filled