Degree Planning

This page provides information on planning for your degree at UWF.

Degree Planning

An accurate degree plan is critical when planning out four years of college. This is why meeting with your first year advisor is so important. Advisors assist students on their path to academic success. There are numerous state of Florida regulations pertaining to degree requirements which advisors are familiar with and can explain to students in order to keep the students on track towards graduation.

Useful Information to Know:

Most undergraduate degree programs require 120 hours of coursework to complete the degree. If students want to graduate in a four-year timeframe, students need to complete 30 hours of coursework between fall and summer each academic year. 

‌Students  need to be aware of your degree program requirements (hours needed to graduate, prerequisites for courses, etc). Your Degree Works Audit, found in MyUWF, is an individualized degree plan specifically geared towards your graduation requirements. If you have questions or concerns about your plan of study, please contact your advisor. 

Changing your major and/or taking courses not recommended by your advisor can lead to Excess Hour surcharges and/or potential Financial Aid and/or Veteran Affairs repayments. Contact your advisor if you are considering changing your major or taking classes not otherwise discussed between you and your advisor.

If you are undecided on a major, Career Services can help!

 Useful Tools for Degree Planning:

Have the following apps saved on your MyUWF homepage:

'Graduation Dashboard' - This app shows your progress to degree in a quick visual way

‘Advising Status’- This app shows your advising pin and course registration notes, which is needed in order to register each semester

'Course Search'- This app allows you to search for course options listing the date, time, and professor of the course

'Degree Audit'- This app shows your personalized degree checklist and course plan

'SSC Campus'- This app allows you to schedule appointments with your advisor, tutoring, or other support services

'Priority Registration'- This app shows your time ticket for registration (i.e. when you are able to register for classes)

'Registration Menu'- This app has several useful features. You can look up classes (similar to course search), add/drop/and withdraw from classes, and access Schedule Planner and the Schedule Planner Cart to register. 

'Schedule Planner'- This app allows you to plan out your semester schedule based on the dates and times inserted that you want to take classes. 


Once you have these apps saved, view the Registration steps to plan out your degree with your advisor!