Inclusion Services and Programs

The Department of Inclusion Services and Programs focuses on creating a more inclusive campus environment while also building relationships with the greater Pensacola community. Inclusion services focus on the factors that influence the worldview of students by engaging them in purposeful intercultural exchange and social engagement.

Inclusion Services and Programs (ISP) is the Collaborative Office for Diversity Training and Programming. ISP works with student organizations and various departments on campus to begin the transformative process of increased awareness of social structures and differences inherent in institutional and social systems. Such collaborations are the building blocks for creating safe spaces for discourse and examination of the cultural and social factors that shape our perceptions.

Increasing awareness of how perceptions come to be and how media, social institutions, and background influence how we perceive others, and indeed, how others perceive us is the first step in transformative change. Diversity of experiences and the lenses through which one experiences life shape the world we see.Through inclusion programming and training, the following messages are made clear

We must talk about differences. Doing so is the catalyst for authentic engagement and difference-making.

We must move forward with a comprehensive plan for advancing diversity and inclusion. ISP’s plan is multi-faceted and includes a diversity peer training group; inclusion spotlight on people in the community; and working with the campus and local community on shared objectives.

Ultimately, the goal is to educate and enlighten. Through discussions with our students, they have asked for more . . . and we are responding to their requests.

Creating safe places for discourse and to report instances of intolerance.

The need for engagement and support from the top down. The University of West Florida is committed to creating safe places for all students.

Creating a culture of community and ownership is the goal of Inclusion Services and Programs. By engaging students, faculty and staff in helping to create a welcoming, inclusive environment, a shift in campus climate will gradually occur. We must be “the change we want to see.”