Community Outreach

Through community outreach, students and other community members are invited to participate in various on campus activities including assisting with scheduling campus visits, collaborating on different activities, and participating in and support of broad-based events. The outreach program helps build inroads and opens communication with different sectors of the community.

For example, Common Ground worked with Escambia County's Clean and Green program to clean up the campus. One of the biggest ways we have reached out is by providing opportunities for children for underrepresented groups to visit campus and explore different areas on campus. Visiting students have petted rays and dissected fish in the Marine Biology lab; participated in mock court sessions in the Criminal Justice department and held ancient artifacts in the Archeology Lab.

Through our community outreach program we look for opportunities to connect people from the local community to the university campus. We understand the importance of being seen as a team player in local events and accessible to all sectors of our community. One year, collected household items, clothes, and blankets from our international students. The items were donated to a local shelter that serves the homeless and stocks a clothes closet for local residents.

Bringing the gaps, forging relationships, partnering with the northwest Florida community. Community outreach does it all. For additional information or to schedule a community outreach event, contact the Inclusion Services program office at 850.474.2384 or email Lusharon Wiley at