Career & Major Exploration

Decision Making

It is our goal as a Career Services staff to support UWF students and alumni at every stage of the career development process. Each Argo’s journey is different, and we are eager to assist throughout the career planning process. UWF Career Services offers various forms of support and resources to facilitate student and alumni career and major exploration.

Career and Major Coaching

Career and major coaching is provided to all UWF students and alumni and is offered by appointment. Learn about the importance of aligning your Values, Interests, Personality, and Skills (VIPS) with a major or career and set SMART goals to keep you on track. Call the office to schedule your appointment today or request one online.

SLS 2990: Major Exploration and Career Choices Course

Consider taking the Major Exploration and Career Choices class. This course affords you the opportunity to explore majors, careers, and yourself over a semester with the goal of helping you grow closer to a decision. Speak to your advisor about signing up for the class today!

Career Exploration Roundtables

Are you currently exploring majors at UWF? If so, come to a Career Exploration Roundtable hosted by Career Services. The sessions take place once a week, and do not require an RSVP. You can arrive at any time during the hour. Stay for 15 minutes, stay for the hour!

Contact Career Services at 850.474.2254 or for dates and times.

Explore Majors and Careers Online

Research the job tasks, average salary, and employment opportunities associated with potential majors and career paths using MyCareerShines and O*NET.

Career Development Model
image of career development model that includes explore, discover, prepare and implement
Use the Career Development Model as a checklist to determine where you are in your progression toward the career of your dreams.

As a college student, you must balance multiple priorities that could include academics, social life, and other obligations. Often times, the thought of what to do after you graduate, such as seeking employment or applying to graduate school, can seem daunting. Career Services has developed a 4-stage process to help you prepare now for life after graduation. This 4-stage process is called the Career Development Model.

In the model, you will see the following 4 stages: Explore, Discover, Prepare, and Implement. No matter what your year in college, you can pick up in any of these stages, and they will guide you toward preparing for career success upon graduation. Within our Career Development Guide (pp. 3-4), you will find a checklist with recommendations of action items to complete in order to propel you on to the next stage. Take some time combing through each stage to see where you may happen to fall. Once you have found your place, start there and begin identifying what action items you have completed. This will help you identify and solidify your career plan.

Engagement through Experiential Learning

Two common types of experiential learning that are helpful for career exploration are job shadowing and informational interviewing. Call the Career Services office to schedule your experiential learning appointment today!

Get Involved

Getting involved and taking risks is an important and powerful means of discovering interest areas. Opportunities for this type of exploration are abound at UWF. There are many ways you can get involved on campus, including student organizations, leadership and service, Student Government Association, Campus Activity Board, Fraternity and Sorority Life.