Hire an Argo!

Hire an Argo image from SGA

On behalf of UWF Career Services, thank you for your interest in our students and alumni. We are excited to be a part of your recruitment efforts. UWF Career Services offers a variety of programs to help employers find the right employee.

  1. POSTING POSITIONS: JasonQuest is an online database system containing student and employer profiles. JasonQuest allows employers to post positions (full-time, part-time, seasonal, internships, volunteer, CoOp), schedule on-campus interviews, and register for career events. Open positions will only be posted through our JasonQuest system and are available to students/alumni 24 hours a day. Students can send their resumes directly to you via their JasonQuest account. Registration and postings are absolutely free!
    *Once you create your profile, Career Services will activate your account so you can post jobs and register for events. Accounts are activated throughout our regular business hours M-F, 8-5pm central time.

  2. OUTREACH! Developing relationships will definitely make a difference in your recruitment strategy. Consult with the Employer Connections Team to develop strategies for presentations on campus or to collaborate with student organizations and more. 

  3. INFO SESSIONS and MEET and GREETS!  Before your interviews, consider scheduling an Info Session/Meet and Greet. These sessions are a great way to educate students about your organization and allow for networking.  If this is your first time on campus, hosting an Info Session or Meet and Greet is crucial (virtual info sessions are available). 
    *If for some reason you will unable to make your reserved Meet and Greet or interview day, please contact Career Services as soon as possible.

  4. ATTEND A CAREER RECRUITING EVENT!  UWF Career Services hosts Career Fairs and Expos every Fall and Spring semester. These events are open to all majors and disciplines and are a great way for students to network with recruiters from a variety of industries. 

  5. INTERNSHIP or CoOp Cooperative Education (CoOp) and Internships are supervised career related work experiences. CoOp generally last three semesters, while an internship is one semester. Learn more about how to begin a CoOp or Internship program with UWF.