Experiential Learning

This page provides information on experiential learning opportunities at UWF. Let High-Impact Practices / Experiential Learning be your consultant.

Adding Experiential Learning to Your Courses

High-Impact Practices/Experiential Learning (HIP/EL) can serve as a consultant to provide information, suggestions, guidelines, best practices and research for incorporating experiential learning opportunities such as Internships, Service Learning or Field Study into your course or department. We are also able to present to classes on various topics that can assist students in participating in experiential learning. Additionally, we can provide information on partnering with our office for our Cooperative Education (Co-Op) program.

“Due to their positive associations with student learning and retention, certain undergraduate opportunities are designated "high-impact." High-Impact Practices (HIPs) share several traits: They demand considerable time and effort, facilitate learning outside of the classroom, require meaningful interactions with faculty and students, encourage collaboration with diverse others, and provide frequent and substantive feedback. As a result, participation in these practices can be life-changing (Kuh, 2008). NSSE founding director George Kuh recommends that institutions should aspire for all students to participate in at least two HIPs over the course of their undergraduate experience—one during the first year and one in the context of their major"

University of Indiana, National Survey of Student Engagement, 2007

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Summer 2014 - Co-Op Advisors & Students
Course # of Students Co-Op Advisor
EEL4949 5

Dr. Tom Gilbar/Dr. Mohamed Khabou

MAN3949 1 Dr. Mohebbi