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In today’s competitive business environment, a highly skilled and productive workforce is a company’s greatest asset.

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All stakeholders benefit from high-quality training specifically tailored to improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your team. UWF Training Solutions may include group facilitation and decision-making sessions utilizing Resolver Meeting® software, assessment, curriculum, and individual self-study modules. The Resolver Meeting® System provides organizations with everything to plan, implement, and complete an assessment session.

Specific training designed for your organization can assist your team by providing precision-crafted programs. Your employees will benefit from committed, value-added delivery excellence, a supportive and productive learning environment, and state-of-the-art facilities. Together, we will identify the most appropriate training solution to benefit your employees and your organization.

You will receive a training program targeted to the specific needs of your staff aligned with the requirements of your organization, business, or industry.

Custom training provides many benefits to your organization. Dedicated training is a cost-effective, efficient, and a convenient way to train employees. By customizing the training to meet your needs, you can ensure that everyone in your organization shares a common vision about specific technologies and business processes. Remember, everything from content to location is at your discretion. Sessions can be conducted at your facility, our campus, or another location of your choice. We deliver training in a format that best meets the needs of your organization, whether it requires breakfast sessions, lunch and learn meetings, 2-day symposiums, or evening classes.

Needs Assessment and Skills Assessment

We can provide tools to evaluate your organization’s current and future needs and establish training efforts to meet those requirements. Our faculty and staff will work with you to determine the candidates within your company who should attend training and which skills will be most beneficial for each individual.

The Resolver Meeting® System is an interactive high-tech method that enables a group to consider a set of objectives, risks and/or controls collaboratively in order to generate consensus on key areas of risk or discover control deficiencies. Resolver Meeting® System is an application that has proven to lead to faster, more effective and efficient assessment workshops as well as successfully running Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Audit programs across all business units in half the time of traditional methods.

The UWF Resolver Meeting® System facilitates:
  1. Focused and collaborative discussions
  2. More educated assessments of ideas (e.g. objectives, risks or controls)
  3. Clearer understanding of the relationships and dependencies between risks
  4. Higher levels of consensus on the key areas of risk to the organization
The Resolver*Ballot solution supports:
  1. Risk and Control Self Assessments
  2. Internal Audit
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Training and Testing
  5. Relationship and Dependency Modeling
  6. Resource Allocation
  7. Procurement
Quality Control

After the completion of the training, we will provide you with evaluations to gauge the effectiveness of the topic and the instructor. The summary report is compiled from evaluations completed by participants. A strong record of performance, a long-trusted and established brand of quality, superior content, University faculty and industry-experienced instructors, state-of-the-art facility and the most comprehensive services available results in excellent value for your training dollar.

Here are just some examples of the types of topics that can be customized for your organization:
  1. Technology Training
  2. Geographic Information Systems 
  3. Database and Spreadsheets
  4. Desktop Publishing
  5. Information Security
  6. IT Certification 
  7. Network Administration
  8. Report Writing
  9. Web Design and Programming
  10. Digital Photography and Video
  11. Construction Management
  12. Customer Care and Service
  13. Health, Nutrition and Wellness 
  14. English as a Second Language
  15. Foreign Languages 
  16. Writing and Publishing 
  17. Budget Management 
  18. Grant Writing 
  19. Nonprofit Management 
  20. Sales and Marketing 
  21. K-20 Educators’ Professional Development

Online Delivery Available

Whether your employees need computer training or business management skills, UWF Training Solutions also offers a complete online learning experience. Online learning offers a range of training options, including self-paced e-learning, instructor facilitated and collaborative online learning, and virtual e-learning labs.

Interactive and integrated topics include assessments, quizzes, exercises and other resources

Business courses from recognized business content providers

Up-to-date training paths for the hottest IT Certifications, from the most recognized companies

Best of all, we’ll make your job easier while making your training more effective.

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