About the Office of Career and Professional Education

Part of the Division of Research and Strategic Innovation

The Office of Career and Professional Education includes the director, Nicole Gislason; Cindy Anderson, the leader of the Northwest Florida Manufacturers Council; Kati Touchstone, the training project coordinator; Daniel Krug, an IT specialist and operations coordinator; and two business advisors for the manufacturing industry. Together, they develop and manage projects that benefit non-traditional students, workers employed in industry, and business professionals.

Broadly, the Office of Career and Professional Education serves two important groups: (1) career-changers seeking education pathways and (2) manufacturing, financial and technical employers seeking quality improvement and leadership programs for their workforce.  In previous years, the first group benefited from a competitive grant of $3.9 million awarded to UWF to meet the demand for high-skill technical employees. UWF was one of only six universities in the United States that received H-1B awards in 2012.  The second group benefits from a state-funded initiative to support manufacturing employers.