Mission and Vision


To provide, develop, and enhance essential internal services and operations of the University

To advance an environment and infrastructure that welcomes and encourages external strategic partnerships


The Division of Business, Finance, & Facilities will advance UWF’s vision by contributing significantly to the UWF strategic plan and employing excellent practices in university operation and administration.

Strategic Themes for FY 2014-2015

  1. Increase Efficiencies: Goals and tasks will be evidenced by intentional efforts to create greater efficiencies saving UWF resources, including, but not limited to, funding dollars, personnel hours, and facility demands.
  2. Increase Revenues:  Goals and tasks will be evidenced by our seeking creative and innovative ways to increase revenues coming to UWF.
  3. Communication & Integration: Goals and tasks will be evidenced by seizing and creating opportunities to actively engage the UWF community to achieve greater understanding of how BFF can be a partner, rather than a processor, in attaining UWF Mission, Vision, and Strategic Priorities.
  4. Professional Development of Staff: Goals and tasks will be evidenced by a planned effort to ensure that all BFF staff has the training necessary to provide modern high quality services.
  5. Enhancing Campus Services and the Learning Environment: Goals and tasks will be evidenced by plannedresearch, implementation, optimization, and renovation of innovation initiatives targeted to improve campus facilities and Division services for UWF students, faculty, and staff.