Vending Services Overview

As the UWF vending contractor, Buffalo Rock/Pepsi provides vending services to the campus community.

Business & Auxiliary Services Vending Photo
Cold drinks and snacks are conveniently located around campus.

There is a vending machine near you!

Beverage and snack machines are located in approximately 40 buildings on campus at almost 100 locations. Products vended include can and bottle soda products, juice, Aquafina (water), Gatorade, energy drinks, gum, mints, cookies, crackers, chips, candy, pastries, and popcorn.

All machines accept coins and most accept dollar bills and the Nautilus Card.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the location of machines, products vended, service problems, refunds, etc., please contact Business & Auxiliary Services at (850) 474-3012/2640.

Business & Auxiliary Services photo of Pepsi challenge contest
The Pepsi Challenge blind taste test was one of several promotions last year.

Look for special promotions

Spring Vending Promo Winners Announced – The Spring 2014 Vending promotion had 131 instant winners who received either a 16 oz. Mountain Dew KickStart, Mountain Dew towel, or Mountain Dew wristband and were entered for the 2 grand prize drawings. The grand prize drawings were held on Monday, April 14. Winners of the grand prizes were Martha Lee Blodgett, University Advancement, who won the iPad Mini and student Jacquel Bradley who won the Yeti Cooler. Congratulations to both! The next Buffalo Rock/UWF vending promotion will be held during the Fall 2014 semester.

Vending Services Contact: Linda Quina, (850) 474-2640,