Trolley Shelter Program Guidelines

The guidelines provide details about deadlines for space reservations, deadlines for artwork and other logistics.

Photo of trolley shelter in front of Building 4.
One of four trolley shelters on the UWF campus.

Program Guidelines:

The timelines and other requirements described in these guidelines exist to ensure the successful and equitable operation of the Shelter Display Program. It is important that organizations wishing to participate give the process due consideration, especially for space reservation and artwork deadlines.

  • Display space may be reserved per 1 month time slot and is booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Display periods begin on the first day of each month.
  • A minimum of 2, and maximum of 4, display spaces may be reserved per month. If 4 spaces are reserved, all 4 trolley shelters must be used.
  • In an effort to give as many departments as possible an opportunity to use the trolley shelter display space, and to encourage a rotation of new artwork, some limitations to space reservations apply:
    • 4 months per department – Departments may reserve space for new poster designs for 4 months during a calendar year. (Months do not need to be consecutive.) Departments may request additional months, but space is not guaranteed until 60 days before the installation date. If another department with less than 4 space reservations requests the space for new posters, they will be given priority.
    • Extensions for previously printed posters – Reservations for new poster designs take priority over reservations for extensions of previously printed posters. Extensions may be requested, but space is not guaranteed until 60 days before the installation date. If another department with a new poster design requests the space, they will be given priority.
    • 60-day guarantee – No changes/replacements will be made to the schedule 60 days prior to the first of the each month. 
  • Poster design and print-ready artwork is the responsibility of the department or organization reserving the display space. Artwork is to be supplied to Business and Auxiliary Services and meet production specifications for quality printing.
  • Poster artwork will be reviewed by a responsible party such as UWF Licensing or Institutional Communications, and must comply with University advertising policy.
    • No political messages
    • No promotion of alcohol or tobacco products per NCAA rules
    • No promotion of products or services that interfere with the University mission, including language or images deemed potentially offensive by the University community
    • No promotion of products or services that compete with current UWF contracts.
  • Messages that support the UWF mission and values are encouraged
  • Poster artwork must adhere to the UWF Brand Standards as stated in the Institutional Communications Brand Portal (link).
  • Departments or organizations may request that their artwork be returned to them at the end of the display period for possible use again in the future.
  • Space reservation deadline occurs on the 1st of the month preceding the month the poster will be displayed. For example, space reservation is due on December 1st for a poster that will display beginning January 1st.
  • Artwork deadline occurs approximately three weeks prior to the 1st of the month the poster will be displayed. For example, if the poster is to be displayed for the month of February 2018, artwork must be received by January 9, 2018. If possible, send artwork to for review prior to this date to prevent potential delays.