Paying for Prints

Print costs vary by black and white or color ink and one or two-sided prints.

Print Pricing

Three ways to pay for your prints

  1. Use your Nautilus Card declining balance account (Deposit funds online, at the Commons Service Desk or at an Automatic Deposit Machine (ADM). For instructions, visit How to Add Funds to Your Nautilus Card.)
  2. Use a credit/debit card at a kiosk (Surcharge applies.)
  3. Place funds into your WEPA online account (Instructions below.)

How to deposit funds into your WEPA account online:

Via website – Go to and log in to your WEPA account using your UWF email address and Argonet password. Select "Deposit Funds." Enter the required information and click "Submit."

At the WEPA print kiosk – Touch "User Login" and enter your UWF email address and Argonet password to log in to your WEPA account or swipe your Nautilus Card. Touch "Deposit into WEPA." Enter the amount of money you would like to deposit ($5 minimum) and click "OK." Swipe your credit/debit card. (Surcharge applies). Enter the required information to complete the transaction and click "OK."

WEPA Try 5-Get $5

Get up to $5 in printing for free! Try all 5 methods of uploading your file to print (web, traditional, email, mobile and USB) and WEPA will add $1 to your account for each method used. The WEPA ‌Try 5-Get $5 (pdf) promotion runs through May 31, 2016.

Prices per 8.5 x 11 print

Single-side black and white, $.12; Single-side color, $.52; two-sided black and white, $.19; two-sided color, $.83