How to Print to a WEPA Kiosk

Printing on campus

After getting your WEPA account activated, you can send your files to the WEPA print cloud from labs and libraries on campus, then print your files at any WEPA print kiosk.

  1. To print a file from a computer on campus, open the file and select "File" then "Print"
  2. Select "WEPA-B/W" to print the document in black and white or select "WEPA-Color" to print the document in high definition color.
  3. Provide final approval for the file to be sent to the WEPA print cloud by clicking the "Proceed" button.
  4. A window will appear prompting you to login to your WEPA account which will place the uploaded file in your account.
  5. After clicking the "OK" button, a window will appear that notifies you that the file has been uploaded and is available to be printed at any WEPA kiosk. The file is available in the cloud for 24 hours.

NOTE: A release code will be generated which allows you to display your print job at the kiosk. However, a faster way to display your print job(s) is to swipe your Nautilus Card at the kiosk or login with your UWF email address and Argonet password.

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Five easy ways to print using WEPA

WEPA print app – One-time download from 1) Open the document on your computer. 2) Choose "File>Print" and select either WEPA-B/W or WEPA-Color. 3) Select "Print'."

Email to print – 1) Attach your documents to an email. 2) Send the email to 3) Print the documents at any WEPA print station by entering the release code (emailed to you) or logging into your WEPA account with your UWF email address and Argonet password.

Web upload – 1) Go to 2) Log in with your UWF email address and Argonet password. 3) Select your documents and then "upload."

Flash drive – 1) Tap the USB button on the print station screen. 2) Insert your USB flash drive. 3) Select your documents and preferred options.

Mobile app (Apple or Android) – Download the "WEPA print" app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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