Purchasing a Parking Permit

Beginning fall 2014, UWF vehicle registration and permit purchases will be made online only. They will not be sold through the Cashier's Office.

2014 Permit Art
Students and employees may select decal or hang tag styles.

Log in to MyUWF to purchase a permit

New for fall 2014 semester, Parking and Transportation Services will be responsible for vehicle registration and permit distribution. This can be accomplished online by logging in to MyUWF and typing "Parking Permits" into the search field. Open the "Parking Permits, Citations and Appeals" app and follow the instructions to complete your permit purchase. Visit Purchasing a Parking Permit for step by step instructions. No convenience fee is charged on permit purchases. You may choose to have your permit mailed or picked up on campus. Students selecting to pick up permits may do so at Bldg. 20W from August 21-22 or August 26-29. Permits will be available for pick up at Bldg. 91 beginning September 2. 

Student permits will be available for purchase after July 30, 2014. Employee permits will be available September 2, 2014. Semester permits may be purchased at 1/2 the yearly rate for all permits except Reserved/Administrative. Prices below include Florida State sales tax.

  • Reserved (purple) / Administrative (blue and green) – $302 yearly
  • Faculty and Staff (yellow) – $121.00 yearly
  • Resident (blue, orange or black) – $121.00 yearly
  • Commuter (green) – $95.00 yearly
  • Motorcycle (brown) – $60.00 yearly
  • Remote Lot (red) – $47.50 yearly

Decals must be affixed to the vehicle for which it was registered and are not transferable. Automobiles must affix decal on rear window in lower left corner.

Hang tags must be hung from the rearview mirror so that they are visible. Placing the hangtag on the dash or console will be considered improper display. Hang tags are transferable to another vehicle owned by the same individual. However, no permit is transferable to another individual.

Motorcycles must affix decal to the left front fork.

The remote parking permit is a new permit for fall 2014. Students, faculty, and staff can choose the remote parking permit option at a reduced price point of $47.50. The remote parking area will be Lot SP2.  The trolley will be scheduled to run to and from remote parking to the core campus on a regular basis weekdays until classes are finished in the evenings.