Student Parking

All students who park on University property are required to register their vehicle and display their parking permit.

Business & Auxiliary Services Parking Lot
Because of the large number of local students, the majority of parking spaces are designated for commuters.

Commuter and resident parking permits

Student parking permits may be purchased online only via MyUWF. To purchase a parking permit, visit MyUWF and search for the "Parking Permits, Citations and Appeals" app. Order forms and payment instructions will be available. Or, visit Purchasing a Parking Permit for step by step instructions. No convenience fee will be charged. You may choose to have your permit mailed to you, or select to pick it up on campus at Parking and Transportation Services, Bldg. 91.

Decal or hangtag style permits are available. Semester permits may be purchased at 1/2 the yearly rate. Permits available to students include:

  • Resident (blue, orange or black) – $121.00 yearly
  • Commuter (green) – $95.00 yearly
  • Motorcycle (brown) – $60.00 yearly
  • Remote Lot (red) – $47.50 yearly

It is strongly recommended that all students become familiar with UWF Reg 5.001 Parking and Registration‌ (PDF). To determine which parking lots are available for your user group, please review the Pensacola Campus Parking Map‌ (PDF).

Commuter parking areas are designated by signage with the word COMM in a text box. Commuters may park in faculty/staff areas after 4:30pm and may also park in numbered, reserved spaces after 5:30pm. Resident lots and spaces never become open to other permit types.

Resident parking is designated by residence hall and color. Permits are only valid in the specific lots as indicated: 

  • Students living in Pace, Argo, Heritage, Presidents and Martin Halls (blue) may park in Lots, Q, S, T, U, Y and the bottom three rows of Lot P. The top 2 rows of Lot P are for Faculty and Staff. Residents may also park in the following open lots: B, E, J, L, M, Z, EE, DD, FF and SP1. If you live in one of these resident halls, and want no parking tickets, see the Resident Halls Parking Map‌ (PDF).
  • Students living  in Southside Halls (orange) may park in the specifically signed and designated resident spaces in Lots H and K. Southside residents may also park in the following open lots: B, E, J, L, M, Z, EE, DD, FF and SP1.
  • Students living in Village East and Village West (black) may park in Lots GG and HH. Village East and Village West residents may also park in the following open lots: B, E, J, L, M, Z, EE, DD, FF and SP1.
  • Note: After 4:30pm, residents may park in any commuter or faculty/staff space, provided the vehicle is moved and legally parked by 7:00am. The numbered reserved spaces become open after 5:30pm.

Remote parking was added as an option Fall 2014 and is located in Lot SP2, by the Sports Complex. Remote permits will be red. The trolley is scheduled to run to and from remote parking to the core campus daily until classes are finished in the evenings. See the Fall-Spring Trolley Schedule‌ (PDF) for details.

Temporary permits are available at Parking Services (Bldg. 91) to students who may need one.

For extra safety, visit the UWF Police website for Parking Lot Safety Tips.