Faculty and Staff Parking

Parking space for employees is in effect from 7:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Students may park in yellow employee spaces after 4:30pm.

Faculty/Staff Parking
Parking permits are available for purchase online only.

About faculty and staff permits

Faculty and staff parking permits may be purchased online only via MyUWF. To purchase a parking permit, visit MyUWF and type "Parking Transaction Portal" into the search field. Open the app, use the "UWF Login" button then enter your UWF username and password. Select "Get Permits" from the menu and follow the prompts. Payment may be made with a debit/credit card (2.75% convenience fee), an E-check (no convenience fee), or payroll deduction (4 consecutive periods, no convenience fee). After the order is placed, your permit will be campus mailed or you may select to pick up your permit at Parking and Transportation Services, Bldg. 91. Visit purchasing a parking permit (link) in Confluence for step-by-step instructions.

It is strongly recommended that all faculty and staff become familiar with the parking regulations and parking maps.
UWF Reg 5.001 Parking and Registration‌ (PDF) 
Pensacola Campus Parking Map (PDF)
UWF Parking, Bus & Trolley Map (PDF)

Faculty and staff parking areas are indicated by signage. Generally, faculty and staff have yellow parking permits and the signs designating faculty and staff parking will have the words FAC/STAFF in a yellow box. The following lots or areas are reserved for faculty and staff from 7:00am until 4:30pm: Lots A, V, BB, CC, and the top two rows of Lots Q, P and I. Faculty and staff parking is also available in the areas of Lots G, H, K, M and W designated with signs.

2016-2017 permits will be available for purchase in early August.

2015-2016 decal or hang tag style permits are now available for purchase online. Semester permits may be purchased at 1/2 the yearly rate. Additional vehicles are 1/2 the annual rate. Permits available to faculty and staff include:

  • Reserved (purple) / Administrative (blue and green) – $363.00 yearly
  • Faculty and Staff (yellow) – $145.00 yearly
  • Motorcycle (brown) – $73.00 yearly
  • Remote Lot (red) – $57.00 yearly

About "Remote Lot" parking permits: Students, faculty, and staff can choose the remote parking permit option at a reduced price point of $57.00. The remote parking area is Lot SP2 close to the ball fields (not in core campus). During fall and spring, the Campus Express trolley is scheduled to run to the Remote Lot parking, Target shopping center, and the core campus daily until 8:20pm. Keep in mind that permitted vehicles may park in commuter spaces after 4:30pm.

Temporary permits are available via MyUWF through the "Parking Transaction Portal." Visit how to print your free 14 day temporary permit (link) in Confluence for step-by-step instructions. Temporary passes are also available at the Visitors Center (Bldg. 81) and Parking Services (Bldg. 91) to faculty and staff who may need one. 

For extra safety, visit the UWF Police website for Parking Lot Safety Tips.