Nautilus Card for Online Students

Although not required for online students, the benefits of having a Nautilus Card are worth considering.

Library Students
Having a Nautilus Card gives online students full access to Library resources.

The official UWF student ID card

Students must be currently registered for classes at the University of West Florida in order to receive a Nautilus Card. You may want to purchase a Nautilus Card if:

  • You will be physically visiting the UWF campus to use services such as student printing, fitness center access, library, etc.
  • You want to receive student discounts on software purchases at the University Bookstore.
  • You want to receive student discounts at other universities and entertainment establishments.
  • You plan to use any library in the State University Libraries (SUL) system or Florida Community College learning resource center. However, if you will only be using UWF library databases and remote services, an alternative to purchasing a Nautilus Card is to login using your Argonet user name and password.

Note: UWF is now proctoring many exams online through a ProctorU. Although not currently required, a UWF Nautilus Card would be the perfect form of identification when accessing your online proctored exam.

A Nautilus Card may be obtained by completing the ‌Nautilus Card Request - Online Students Only form. Submit the form and other required documents to the Nautilus Card Office and a card will be mailed to you. 

If you have questions concerning this process, please contact the Nautilus Card Office at (850) 474-3325 or email