Nautilus Card for Faculty/Staff

Placing funds in a Nautilus Card Account is a convenient way for employees to make purchases on campus.

Having funds on your Nautilus Card is a convenient way to make purchases on campus and offers savings on meals.

General account, food account or meal plan

UWF faculty and staff may deposit funds into two types of Nautilus Card declining balance accounts; a General Account or a Food Account. Or, employees may purchase a 50 Block Meal Plan.

General Account: Deposit money into this account and use your card to make purchases at any location on campus connected to the Nautilus Card system such as the University Bookstore, Dining Services locations, Postal Services, Copy Services and more. The General Account payroll deduction form can be accessed via MyUWF, Nautilus Card Deposit Payroll Deduction Form (webform). 

25% Bonus Food Account: Money deposited into this account may be used solely for the purchase of food in UWF Dining Services locations. Each Food Account deposit of $10 or more receives a 25% bonus when using the payroll deduction program. The Food Account payroll deduction form can be accessed via MyUWF, Nautilus Card Deposit Payroll Decuction Form (webform).

Account Balance: Your balance will be shown on the card reader each time you use your card to make a purchase. Your account information is also online via MyUWF. Search for "Nautilus Card Balance and Swipe History". This will allow you to view your card balances (both general and food), card swipe history (both financial and access) and meal plan information.

50 Block Meal Plan Option for Employees: UWF offers a meal plan designed specifically for faculty and staff. The plan consists of 50 meals, which must be used in the Nautilus Market, the campus all-you-care-to-eat facility. Multiple swipes are allowed during any given meal period. The meal plan holder may use the swipes for their own meals as well as for others who accompany them. The plan has no expiration date. The employee meal plan is available to faculty, adjunct faculty and University Work Force employees. Visit the "For Faculty/Staff" web page on the Dining Services website for the current price. The 50 Block Meal Plan payroll deduction form can be accessed via MyUWF, Meal Plan Payroll Deduction Form (webform).

Remember to show your Nautilus Card at the Bookstore: Even if you are paying with cash or a credit card, show your card at the checkout to verify that you are a UWF employee and receive a discount.

Employee Copier Access: To obtain copier access for an employee, please complete the Copy Service Access Form (link). If you have questions about Copy Services, please contact Maera Bradberry,, or Ext. 6071.