Dining Services Overview

UWF Dining Services has 11 dining locations on campus. It is operated by Chartwells On May 6, 2018, the University will transition dining contractors from Chartwells to Aramark..

Dining is Transitioning from Chartwells to Aramark

In preparation for the transition from Chartwells to Aramark, some of the dining venues on campus will close before the end of the Spring semester, which is May 5. This is necessary so that inventory can be consolidated and facilities can be thoroughly cleaned before the new contactor assumes responsibility.

VenueLocationLast Day OpenClosing Time
Nautilus Market Building 22, Commons Sat, May 5 2pm
Argo Galley Building 22, Commons Thurs, April 26 10pm
Chick-N-Grill Building 22, Commons Fri, May 4 6pm
Quiznos Building 22, Commons Fri, May 4 6pm
Starbucks Building 32, Pace Library Fri, May 4 2pm
Papa John's Presidents Hall Fri, May 4 10pm
Outtakes Building 4, SSE Thurs, April 26 8pm
Switz Cafe Building 76A, COB Thurs, April 26 6pm
Terra Juice Buidling 72, HLS Thurs, April 19 8pm
SubGeneration Building 86, CoEPS Thurs, April 19 3pm
Bistro Blue Between B. 12 and B. 18 Thurs, April 19 2pm
Starbucks Argonaut Village Fri, May 4 8pm
    Sat & Sun, May 5 & 6 Closed  
Catering various Sat, May 5 as needed

We regret any inconvenience the early closing dates may cause.

There will be many exciting changes to the dining operations on campus during summer 2018 and we will begin fall semester with some new branded retail operations and some renovations to existing operations.

Dining Transition Flyer (PDF; printable)


Contact: Ellen Till, Director, UWF Business & Auxiliary Services: (850) 474-2080