Dining Plans

Meal Plans for Fall 2018 Semester will be available for purchase after July 1st through MyUWF. Type "Meal Plan Purchases" in the search field.

Photo of Nautilus Market dining area.
Visit the Dining Services Website for additional Meal Plan information.

Why eat on campus?

We view the dining program not only from a nutritional standpoint but also as an important social aspect of campus life. By offering meal plan options to resident and commuter students, as well as faculty and staff, it encourages the community to explore new cuisines and also meet new people and make new friends. On days when you can't eat in, you may use the meals to go program. When it comes to nutrition, and you have questions or dietary concerns, you are welcome to consult with a Dining Services representative. 

New Resident Students: If you will be living on campus during your first two semesters at UWF, visit the "For Residents" web page for details about the plan, "Dining Dollars" for optional dining locations, plan prices, and payment instructions. Meal Plans run on a weekly basis and may be used in the Nautilus Market only. Dining Dollars may be used at all Dining Services locations.

Commuter Students and Resident Students who would like a Voluntary Meal Plan: If you are a student living off campus, or if you are a resident student not required to buy a meal plan, but would like to purchase a Voluntary Meal Plan, please visit the "For Commuters" web page on the Dining Services website for details. Block Plans run on a semester basis and may be used in the Nautilus Market only. Dining Dollars may be used at all Dining Services locations. Meal Plans and Block Plans offer a cost savings to students. Specific instructions on How to Purchase a Voluntary Meal Plan as well as other details can be found on Dining Services Overview (link) in Confluence.

Faculty and Staff: UWF employees may select from two options; the Faculty/Staff Meal Plan or a Nautilus Card Food Account. The Faculty/Staff Plan is a Block Plan consisting of 50 meals which may be used in the Nautilus Market and has no expireation date. The Nautilus Card Food Account is an ongoing payroll deduction program which may be used solely for the purchase of food in UWF Dining Services locations. Visit the "For Faculty/Staff" web page on the Dining Services website for details.

All of the above dining plans offer substantial savings off the door rate.