Copy Service for UWF Departments

Swipe your Nautilus Card to access all the copier features.

Color Copy
There are 14 color copiers on the Pensacola Main Campus and 1 located in the Innovation Institute in downtown Pensacola.

How to get started

UWF employees who would like the ability to make job-related copies or print from their computer to the campus copiers will need to first have their Nautilus Card ID "associated" with their department's Banner index number(s). This can be accomplished by filling out the Copy Service Access Request form. This is a one-time-only process to gain access to the copiers for departmental work. To remove a person from access to a departmental account, please complete the Access Removal Form.

The first time you swipe your personal Nautilus Card you will be asked to enter your Argonet Username (not your entire email address, just your username) and Password. Touch the "Set" button on the screen. The process associates your Nautilus Card with your Argonet credentials. You will then see the original start-up screen again. Swipe your card again. You should then see a screen stating, "There are no print jobs awaiting release." and a button that says, "Use Copier Functions." Press this button to begin copying or scanning.

Use your MyUWF credentials to gain access and review Departmental Accounts and Reports in the PaperCut cost accounting utility. Use the links below for more information about Copy Services.

List of Copier Models by Location                Copy Service Forms

Service & Supplies Contact: Nancy Howle, Ext. 3012 or (Paper, toner, staples, etc.) The copy paper order is placed every Tuesday around 3pm for Wednesday delivery.

Accounting Contact: Gail McGrady, Ext. 2635 or

Copy Service Program Contact: Maera Bradberry, Ext. 6071 or (Concerns about copiers, login or scanning issues.)

Departmental copy costs

Black & White (8.5x11) - $0.075

Color Copies (8.5x11) - $0.50

Scans (any size, b/w or color) - $0.01

Personal copy costs

Black & White (8.5x11) - $0.08

Color Copies (8.5x11) - $0.50

Scans (any size, b/w or color) - $0.01

Money can be added to your personal Nautilus Card account at any Automatic Deposit Machine (ADM) or online via MyUWF.