Copy Service Overview

The University-wide program provides for up-to-date copiers, paper and toner service, technical support, and automated departmental accounting.

Copy Service
UWF employees can copy or scan for work, or add money to their Nautilus Card for personal use.

UWF copiers are convenient and cost efficient

UWF Copy Services provides departmental and student copiers to the UWF campus and its affiliates. Almost all of the copiers on campus are networked so that print jobs can be sent from any computer. 10 of the copiers have Postscript drivers for MAC printing, and 15 of the copiers can print full color and are placed in strategic departmental locations around campus. There is also a color copier in the Innovation Institute downtown.

A cost-per-copy approach allows UWF to have a centralized copy program with one vendor and standardized costs for features. By pooling all the copiers on campus, we are able to use UWF's combined buying power for lower costs. This program eliminates the need to invest budget dollars in equipment. By pooling the campus volumes, the cost-per-copy approach also eliminates individual monthly minimum charges, users pay for only the copies they make. We have pulled together a standardized set of features so every department, regardless of their budget and copy/print volume, can benefit.

Features include:

  • All devices scan to color and black/white and some print/copy in color.
  • Our contracted vendor, Copy Products, provides a service technician who is dedicated to UWF.
  • UWF has flexibility. Machines can be moved, exchanged or added as needs change.
  • Every department benefits from the latest in office technologies.
  • Monthly charges are automated. Use can be easily tracked and monthly billings reconciled.
  • UWF Copy Service provides all paper and toner for the copiers in this program. 

For step-by-step instructions visit the How to Print to a Campus Copier page in UWF's Confluence.

Copy Service Program Contact: Maera Bradberry, Ext. 6071 or

Quick Reference-Copy Services (PDF)