Services Overview

Our Office provides a wide variety of services.

Office of University Budgets Services Provided

  • Board of Trustees (BOT): We prepare the quarterly BOT reports as well as an estimated budget report at the end of the third quarter each year.
  • Board of Governors (BOG):  We prepare the Operating Budget (OB), and Expenditure Analysis (EA) files for the Board of Governors (BOG) yearly in August and October respectively. We also prepare the Salary Category Detail (SCD) file for the BOG three times a year in August, January, and June. We depend on the divisional budget managers to review and report changes as needed during the processing of these files. Please see Budget 16-17 SCD Calendar for due dates.
  • Personnel Actions sheets:  We update the budgets for salaried positions (faculty and staff) in Banner based on the actions sheets and verify that the department has budget or will create budget using a conversion or savings from another position.
  • New Position Numbers:  Our office assigns new position numbers when departments have a need for a new one.  We are responsible for entering the new position numbers into Banner.  Request a position number via email to
  • Administrative Overhead: We are responsible for calculating and posting the administrative overhead on auxiliary, student, parking, transportation and athletic departments twice per year.
  • Add or Modify Organizations (Departments): Our office is responsible for preparing the documentation needed by financial services to create a new department (General Revenue or Carry Forward) or modify a current department in Banner, Crosswalk, and Legacy system.  Requests should be sent to
  • Budget Deficits: We provide periodic budget deficit reports to aid the departments in monitoring their budgets.
  • Budget Transfers: Our office is the final approver for all budget transfers that are not Research and Sponsored Program transfers.  We verify there is budget available for the requested transfer. 
  • Financial Plans:  The financial plans are the mechanism used for auxiliaries and contract & grants to request their budget each fiscal year.  We receive the financial plans, review them for completeness, and post them to Banner.
  • Training:  We also offer several budget training classes for campus users to learn how the budgets are built, approved, and processed.
  • Ad Hoc Reports:  Throughout the year there are many request for information regarding budgets and expenditures.  We provide the needed data as requested.
  • Rate & Fringe Estimates: As needed we assist departments with their rate and fringe estimates using the Rate & Fringe Templates  forms. 
Budget Updates


  • September 2017 reorganization created new HLO 475 Division of Academic Engagement and HLO430 renamed Division of Enrollment & Stud Afrs.
  • September 2017, All original FY17-18 budgets have been posted.
  • August 25, 2017 eligible employees received a 5 percent one-time bonus as a reward for appreciation of all they do for UWF.  UWF ranked in the Top 3 of the SUS performance based funding.


  • March 2017 1.3% COLA increases for AFSCME employees are pending finalization, estimated funding posted on BFY17021.
  • March 2017 1.3% COLA increase for the UWF Police (PBA) posted on document BFY17018 on 4/6/17.
  • March 2017 1.3% COLA Increase for Faculty & Workforce posted on document BFY17019 on 4/26/17.
  • January 2017 new division HLO 300 Research & Strategic Innovations was created.
  • September 2016, All original FY16-17 budgets have been posted.


  • March 2016 Faculty COLA Increases budget transfer (BFY16028 and BFY16028) posted on 3/15/16.
  • September 2015 Workforce & Non-Unit Faculty Increases budget transfer (BFY16007) posted on 9/30/15.
  • August 2015 reorganization new HLO 665 College of Health was created and renamed HLO 650 College of Science & Engineering (CSE)
  • July & August 2015 Faculty increases budget transfers (1516B044, 1516B045 & 1516B046) posted on 8/28/15.

FY 2014-2015:

  • January 2015 Faculty Increases budget transfer (BFY15021 was posted on 3/18/15
  • December 2014 Faculty Bonuses budget transfer (BFY15020) was posted on 3/9/15
  • October 2014, All original FY14-15 budgets have been posted
  • July 2014 Bonuses budget transfer (BFY15007) was posted on 9/18/2014.

FY 2013-2014:

  • June 2014 Bonuses were paid in May
  • Salary Equity Increases -Jan 2014 budget transfer (BFY14007-BFY14010) have been posted.
  • Compression budget transfer (BFY14003) was posted on 12/13/2013
  • Legislative Increases budget transfers (BFY14004) was posted on 12/18/2013.
  • Christmas 2013 Bonuses budget transfer (BFY14005) was posted on 12/20/2013.
Major Task Completions


  • June 2017 SCD has been submitted
  • January 2017 SCD has been submitted
  • October 2016 EA file has been submitted
  • October 2016 Summer 2016 revuew completed and distributions made
  • August 2016 Operating Budget (OB) file has been submitted
  • August 2016 SCD file has been submitted

FY 2015-2016

  • January 2016 SCD file has been submitted
  • December 2015 EA file has been submitted
  • November 2015 Summer 2015 review completed and distributions made
  • August 2015 Operating Budget (OB) file has been submitted
  • August 2015 SCD file has been submitted

FY 2014-2015:

  • June 2015 SCD file has been submitted.
  • January 2015 SCD file has been submitted
  • October 2014 Expenditure Analysis (EA) file was submitted
  • August 2014 Operating Budget (OB) file was submitted
  • August 2014 SCD file has been submitted

FY 2013-2014:

  • January 2014 SCD file has been submitted.
  • August 2013 SCD and OB files have been submitted.
  • The 2013-2014 allocation file is complete and the 2013-2014 OB book has been added to the Report section of our web site.
  • Summer 2013 Review is complete and all transactions have been posted.
  • EA 2013 file has been submitted to BOG.
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