Budget Reports:

The Office of University Budgets is a service unit with a primary purpose of analyzing data and preparing reports.


We serve the University, Board of Governors (BOG), Board of Trustees (BOT), and state legislators. Our department works towards assisting all divisions and departments in reaching the core mission of the University of West Florida.  

For the BOG we prepare the Operating Budget (OB), Expenditure Analysis (EA), and Salary Category Detail (SCD) files.  The OB and EA are prepared once per year in August and October respectively.  The SCD is prepared three times per year in August, January, and June.  We also prepare the Operating Budget Book (OB Book) yearly to reflect the divisional and departmental detail of budgets for E&G departments. 

For the BOT we prepare the quarterly BOT reports which is a snapshot of the budget, expenditures, and revenues for each of the funding sources.  We also prepare an estimated budget for the coming fiscal year after the 3rd quarter closes in the current fiscal year that is submitted for approval at the BOT June meeting.

Our office reviews and reports on the yearly Summer Term in September of each year.  After all reports are finalized then the distribution of funds are prepared and posted.

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Reports of Interest
Useful Information Navigator Reports

BUDG000003-Approvers Document Detail is a list of budget transfer documents awaiting approval, created so approvers can use Information Navigator to see if there are documents for them to approve without having to sign into Banner to see if there are documents awaiting their approval.

BUDG000009-Free Cash Approver is used to determine available budget and free cash for non E&G/CF indexes.

BUDG000010-Budget Availability By Activity Code is used to find the available budget to the activity code level for those accounts that use activity codes.

BUDG000020-Document Detail by Status - Prod, is a list of all pending documents.

BUDG000044-Budget Availability Deficits is a list of all accounts for which you have Banner Security that currently have a deficit balance.

BUDG000047-Budget Control Proof List - Detailed, lets you see all information on an approved Budget Transfer, including the long text and the approval history.