Dick Baker

Dick Baker

  • Trustee

Dick Baker is the financial assistant to the president of Wendco, which is a Wendy’s franchisee of dozens of restaurants in Alabama and Florida. Most of his life has been involved with real estate development and banking.

He has had a great love for UWF since before 1990, and not just because he met his wife Laverne there when she was with University Advancement. It is also because it is so vitally important to the economy and people of the Northwest Florida region. He enjoyed service with the UWF Foundation, co-chairing its capital campaign, being a Foundation Fellow and serving on many of its committees over the years. As he joins it, he is especially thrilled to be working with so many people he as long-admired and worked with in the past and now.  

He is a past chair of the Pensacola State College Trustees, has served in several volunteer and leadership capacities in economic development and tourism for Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, and has had a long affiliation with Sacred Heart Health System.

Surrounding some Navy service, he received degrees at the University of Florida and the University of Pennsylvania in business.


  • 1/21/16 - 1/6/21