Reporting an Incident

How to report a bias incident and what happens to your report.

Please use the UWF Incident Report online reporting form. This form may be submitted anonymously. Please select "Bias incident" from the drop down menu when using the incident reporting form. You may also report an incident directly to any member of the Bias Response Team, the University Police, the Dean of Students office, Human Resources or any other University Office and employees.

Incident Report Form

Emergency Situations

If this is an emergency and you need police intervention or immediate assistance, please call University Police at (850) 474-2415, or dial 911 from any campus phone immediately.

What happens to my report?

When the Bias Response Team receives a report of an incident involving bias and/or hate, team members will review the incident report within 24 hours. If the person(s) making a report choose to identify themselves, a member of the Bias Response Team will follow up with that person(s). In order to ensure an appropriate and timely response, the Bias Response Team will engage the appropriate University offices and resources to develop a recommendation for responding to each reported incident and create a plan for resolution. Depending on the nature of the incident and the type of response that is required, campus officials may initiate meetings with individuals or affinity groups to offer ongoing support, advocacy and to provide updated information related to the incident and the university response.

Why Should I Report?

The University of West Florida is committed to fostering a safe and welcoming campus community for all students, faculty, staff and guests. Everyone in the Argo community has a responsibility to foster an environment where we can all thrive without fear of bias or hate. Hence, the work of creating and maintaining an inclusive campus community requires the efforts of the entire university. Reporting bias/hate incidents allows UWF to better assess our campus climate. We want to know when members of our community witness or experience words or conduct that create a hostile learning environment or negatively impact our campus climate. We are committed to proactively respond to instances of bias and hate. UWF will not tolerate retaliation for reporting and perpetrators could be subject to disciplinary action via one's supervisor or the Student Code of Conduct.

Freedom of Speech

The UWF community values the freedom of expression rights guaranteed to all individuals in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. While some acts of bias or hate may be violations of the law and/or University policy, many may be considered speech protected by the First Amendment; which allows for the expression of hateful and intolerant statements and expressive conduct. In such cases, no formal action can be taken against the offending person or persons. However, the University has an obligation and the right to respond to such incidents in a manner consistent with the role of promoting a climate of tolerance, respect, inclusion and dialogue.

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