UWF Annual Planning and Reporting

UWF Annual Reports and Plans using Google Docs

2015-2016 Distinctive and Notable Accomplishments

2015-2016 Community Engagement Activities

2015-2016 Annual Planning and Reporting

UWF Annual Planning and Annual Reporting Templates for the use of Word Documents

Annual Planning and Reporting Checklist

Reporting of Objectives

Community Engagement

Distinctive and Notable Accomplishments

Planning objectives

Blank Assessment Forms

Blank Assessment Form

Blank General Education Assessment Form


Is it possible to work on more than one Qualtrics assessment form at a time?

Yes. The link you have can only be completed from start to finish. If you want to work on more than one Qualtrics assessment form at a time, ASPIRE can provide you with more links. Contact.  ASPIRE 474-2894 ccatellier@uwf.edu

May I view a blank assessment form before conducting or entering assessment?

yes look here

How many Qualtrics assessment forms must a department complete?

Departments must report assessment work completed on each academic program it offers:

  • undergraduate degree programs,

  • graduate degree programs,

  • interdisciplinary degree programs, certificate programs (separate reports for each undergraduate and graduate certificate offered), and

  • “stand-alone” minors (minors offered by a department that does not offer a degree in the program).

  • Departments that offer one or more courses that meet a General Education requirement must report assessment of GE SLOs embedded in these courses.